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25 September 2009
Starstruck Essay
Tony Randall has left a benchmark and legacy with his work accomplishments, his actor within and the comedic personality outside of it all. Tony Randall was best known as a grand actor in hits such as Templeton the Rat and The Odd Couple, but he was also a great father and husband. Tony was a very interesting person when it came to his family. It was obvious to Tony??™s parents and friends from a very early age that he wanted to have a major career in acting. Although Tony is gone, his family and fans will always remember him and his accomplishments.
Tony was born on February 26, 1920 in the outstanding place of Tulsa, Oklahoma (???Biography for Tony Randall???). Though most people would recognize him by his movie name, Tony Randall, his birth name was Ira Leonard Rosenberg (???Biography for Tony Randall???). Tony grew up in Tulsa and attended Tulsa Central High School (???Biography for Tony Randall???). Although Tony grew up the state that thrives on football, baseball, and farming, he decided he wanted to be involved in speech and drama. Tony attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where he chose to major in the department of speech and drama (???Biography for Tony Randall???). Tony??™s passing took place on May 17, 2004 in New York City, New York (???Biography for Tony Randall???). He died from complications following heart surgery. The cause of his death was diagnosed a horrible case of pneumonia.
While on this journey to becoming the great actor, he met his first wife, Florence Gibbs (???Biography for Tony Randall???). Tony did not have any children with Florence. She was born in 1942 and her passing took place in 1992 (???Biography for Tony Randall???). After the death of Florence, Tony met his second wife, Heather Harlan, in a play in New York (???Biography for Tony Randall???). Heather was a very different find for Tony. There is no reason except the fact that she is fifty years younger than him (???Biography for Tony Randall???)! Heather was born in 1970, and she gave birth to Tony??™s only two children (???Biography for Tony Randall???). The children??™s names were Julia Laurette Randall and Jefferson Salvini Randall (???Biography for Tony Randall???). Tony??™s children were a big priority in his life and an unexpected blessing.
Every actor has a breakout play, movie, or role in their career. Tony??™s breakout was the role of Reggie in the on-going ???I Love a Mystery??? series that took place during the 1940s (???Biography for Tony Randall???). With this role bringing him up on his feet and rolling, he went on to play many fantastic roles. With every big break comes a greatest role that defines a career and that most will remember an actor by. Tony Randall??™s greatest role was Felix in the five season series The Odd Couple (Kassel). Felix won Randall an Emmy Award in 1975, even though the ratings were low and critics were harsh (Kassel). No matter what career, all of them have a flop or slump that they have to fight through. Randall??™s flop was in the series Sidney Shorr. Randall??™s role was presented as a homosexual (Kassel).
In most actors??™ careers, the fans find about the actor very quickly, but they never journey into their lifestyle and discover who they really are behind the scenes. Tony Randall was a very likeable person. He was funny, fun to be around, and always took notice of many other great actors besides himself. Outside of the camera angle, Tony was a dapper, experienced presenter and an expert at ceremonies (Bernstein). There was no record of any religious beliefs for Tony Randall. However, Tony was strongly opposed to smoking (???Biography for Tony Randall???). If there was ever something to be remembered about Mr. Tony Randall, it would have to be his comedic roles and appearances on well known movies and shows.
The work of Tony Randall??™s that I chose to watch was the guest appearance he made on the television show What??™s My Line. Something that really jumped out at me as I watched was how well Tony was able to throw his voice. Tony threw his voice to make it sound exactly like a prissy female. It was absolutely incredible. Tony was also very good at entertaining me, because I thought he was hilarious. Not only did he entertain me, but the studio audience was laughing too. He was very comical and fun to watch. Behind the roles of Templeton the Rat and Felix in The Odd Couple, Tony Randall is much more than just a great actor. He was also a wonderful husband and father. His story and legacy will be told for generations to come. His life as an actor will be remembered forever as his life??™s work is captured on film and this work will be seen as a story for many generations (???Biography for Tony Randall???).

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