Too Majestic for Ornament

Too Majestic for Ornament
Shakespeare is a legend in the literary world, but he wasn??™t always this famous. In the article a critic wrote about how when he first started writing his plays, they weren??™t that famous, only toward the end of his lifetime did he become better known. The same is true for many other writers, not just Shakespeare. The article also mentions that someone else may have written some or all of his works, and Shakespeare may have based some of the stories off the Bible.
Shakespeare wrote many things during his lifetime so I, personally, do not find it hard to believe that wasn??™t very famous during his lifetime, he was most likely too busy writing to worry about being famous. Even though Shakespeare was not very famous during his lifetime, I think he would be pleased to see that four hundred years later we are still studying and performing his plays.
The article also mentions that some other writers envied and admired his works, and I can definitely see why they would be, Shakespeare is a literary genius. Because of this envy and admiration, some people or critics have speculated that Shakespeare did not write some or all of his plays. Critics insist that someone more scholarly must have written them because they are written so intelligently and beautifully. I, for one, do not believe that. I believe Shakespeare wrote all of his work, but I think he may have gotten some help along the way. If one would look at all writers, I think they would find that at some point in time, they had some kind of help.
At the turn of the 21st century, some critics started to theorize that Shakespeare modeled his works off of the Bible. Some said that the story of Macbeth??™s fall from glory and power is just like Satan??™s fall from heaven. Also that Much Ado About Nothing was based off of the crucifixion of Christ, and Measure for Measure??™s Duke Vincentio??™s character is like Christ, when he resurrects. The reason for Shakespeare modeling his plays off of the Bible, some believe, is because of his religious upbringing in the Protestant faith, I, for one, do not. I think that if Shakespeare did model some of his plays off of the Bible, he did it inadvertently. I think that he wrote all of the plays from is own creative thoughts and ideas. In the front cover some book,s one can find a disclaimer reading:This book is not based on true events, any similarities to real events or stories are by complete coincidence. I think Shakespeare should have had one of these disclaimers at the beginning of his plays so people would speculate.

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